good food.

good conscience.

Specials for Mar 5-9 !

SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK! Just a couple of soups while we go through Restaurant Week. The Maine Restaurant Week Specials are also available.


SOUP (Bowl $6.50 +tax, Cup $5.00 +tax)
White Bean, Parmesan and Spinach Soup - White Beans, Fresh Parmesan and Wilted, Sautéed Spinach in a Tomato base soup! Warm and Light for this crazy weather week.


SOUP (Bowl $6.50 +tax, Cup $5.00 +tax)
Clam Chowder - Tender clams, potatoes and onion in a light milk broth. Good for what ails you this week!

Upcoming Events

March 1-12th

We are really close to opening the restaurant for Dinner and introducing our new Bar. In light of that we are going to participate in Maine Restaurant Week - March 1-12th.

For MRW we are going to be serving a very special lunch menu for everyone to try:

Restaurant Week Menu....

Oaks & Maple Café

Located on Brunswick Landing, Oaks & Maple Café offers everyone's favorite comfort food, prepared with fresh, local ingredients, served in a cozy, inviting atmosphere that exudes the Maine experience.

good food. good conscience.

Our restaurant connects with programs supporting at-risk youth to provide charitable funding, and to provide young men & women with mentoring experiences through employment.

Oaks & Maple Café

Brunswick Landing 
(formerly New Beet Market)
25 Burbank Ave
Brunswick, Maine 04011

(207) 406-3367

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday:
7:30am - 3:00pm

7:30am - 2:00pm

Weekend Hours Coming Soon!

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